How I Stopped the Phone Harassment, Erased a $10,923.65 Midland Debt from All 3 Credit Bureaus and Fixed my Bad Credit!

If you’re being harassed by Midland Credit Management for an outstanding debt, you’re not alone! I’d like to share the secrets of stopping all phone calls from Midland’s Bill Collectors and fixing any Bad Credit!

I’ve had problems in the past with Midland Credit Management but I was able to escape collection agency H*LL! by deleting Midland from my credit reports…

Look at the proof right here. I was able to get rid of RJM Acquisitions and increase my credit score 106 points in just 58 days..


When Midland began harassing me I decided to do a little research, and find out what I could about the company. Here are some quick facts about Midland Credit Collection Agency:

Midland has locations in San Diego, Phoenix, and St. Cloud, MN.

Midland buys debts of various types and amounts from creditors, and then gets their reps in contact with you to try to collect debts. As you can imagine, reps are paid commissions based on what they can collect, and will try to collect more than they originally paid the creditor.

Midland will try to contact you via phone, mail, and may even sue you in a court of law!

Contact from Midland is troubling, as it can lead to a bad credit score, lawsuits, and constant harassment. You can even have your wages garnished!

Did you know that having even ONE negative item or collections item on your credit report can lower your score up to ONE HUNDRED POINTS! That’s what happened to me. It was humiliation for me and my family! I thought we’d never get into a house.

If you have the same problem, it will be very difficult for you to get a home loan or refinance existing loans, and this type of information can stay on your credit report for even seven years!

Below is a copy of the threatening letters that Midland used to send me all the time.

They claimed I owed $10,923.65 from a credit card charge off!:

You May Receive Letters like this one from Midland Credit Management where they try and Get You to Pay Thousands in Interest in Fees!

3 Steps to Erasing Midland from Your Credit Reports

Did you know that as a consumer, you have federal rights that allow you to dispute particular items on your credit report? In order to dispute items that have been put on your report by Midland, follow these steps:

Step One: Write a Dispute Letter. This is a letter that names the nature of the dispute, explains why you are disputing, and states your intention to resolve the issue.

Step Two: Send the Letter. Send your letter to any of the credit bureaus who are reporting the negative credit information

Step Three: Wait. It may take you a while to get a response. Be patient doing everything by the book will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Another technique is to use DEBT VALIDATION. Debt validation is when you force the collection agency to PROVE they have the right to collect the debt from you.(I tried doing my own credit repair but the credit bureaus refused to investigate my claim. They said my dispute was frivolous! It turns out that I needed to use DEBT VALIDATION to delete the items from my credit reports.)

I got sick of the nonsense, back and forth, and outright BS! I need to get results because the Midland Credit item was holding up my house closing.I used this credit repair service who helped me erase the Midland item from all three credit bureaus!They used a specialized debt validation request to help me remove the questionable Midland listing from my credit record!

Here is a copy of the letter SHOWING THAT MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT WAS DELETED FROM ALL THREE BUREAUS!I couldn’t believe how quickly this credit repair service got rid of the bad credit.


These guys got results for me in less than 30 days. You can get a free consultation by clicking this link

Here is a credit score chart that demonstrates how my score looked over time after working with this credit repair service who also deleted other collections and charge offs!

midland debit score

This credit score chart from Transunion shows how much my credit score improved after deleting Midland Credit from my credit reports! (I got up to 729!)

This credit repair company did so much for myself and my family, I had to share the good news. You CAN can dispute those charge offs and other questionable negative items on your report, and get yourself back on track!

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