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I am an average working guy and crusader for normal, everyday working people. If you want to contact me I listed my email address on this site. I am usually pretty busy and don’t get to this site every day, but I’ll do my darndest to respond within a couple of days.

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I value your privacy! If you want to send me a note or ask me a question I promise to keep that 100% confidential. Otherwise you won’t see me collecting information here…I am too busy posting my experiences! I do appreciate any kind words you have to send my way

I also like to see different perspectives so feel free to shoot me an email if you have something you would like to share. You can also comment on the blog posts if you have something to say. This isn’t the fanciest website, but there are certain pretty cool ‘plug-ins’ I am using here and other software that helps me determine where people are coming from, if they like the site, where I can make improvements, and that sort of thing. This software uses cookies which may be placed on your computer. They are totally harmless though so there is nothing to worry about…however, I am obligated to tell you they do exist :)

Also, I am struggling just like everybody else so you may notice some links on my site that go to third party websites. Some of these links are called affiliate links. What that means is that these third party sites pay me a small commission should you decide to take my advice and sign up for their services. Not all the links are affiliate links but some of them are, and I read that I must tell you that…or else the legal eagles might get their underwear in a twist!

Let’s see what else…I am not a spammer and I hate spammers. In that respect you won’t find me collecting any personal information from you without your permission. If you do provide your email address and/or other information, I promise to communicate with you according to the terms you agreed to when you signed up. Also, should you ever wish to unsubscribe yourself from any communication, I make that easy for you according to the email laws.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Please don’t take my advice as the fancy-professional-expensive-suit kind of advice. I am just a regular person trying to share some material of the educational type. Your finances are important and you should treat them with respect. Before you make any major decisions you may think about taking a stroll into one of those offices where the fancy pants lawyers, accountants, and other high paid folks hang out so they can give you their take on things.

Did you know that having even ONE negative item or collections item on your credit report can lower your score up to ONE HUNDRED POINTS! That’s what happened to me. It was humiliation for me and my family! I thought we’d never get into a house.

You may see some pictures on this website of people, places, and things. The images are there just to give you some ideas and to show my point. My story and experiences are true and based upon real life experience. Most of the images are of my real credit reports, letters that I received in the mail, my credit score charts from my online accounts with the credit bureaus and agencies, etc. However, just to protect my identity I have not listed my last name or my real picture on the site. Perhaps someday I will. But for now I am using what is called royalty free photos or ’stock images.’ I hope you understand.

FTC Disclaimer

Finally, my story is 100% true. I can document and verify every word on this website. The deletion letters are real and the same exact letters I got in my mailbox or they are the real deletion letters and images from actual Lexington Law clients. The credit score images are ones that I copied from my own credit monitoring accounts with the bureaus. I am a real client of The Lexington Law Firm. I had great results with Lexington Law and I hope you do as well. Since I am an affiliate of Lexington Law I must also let you know that my results are not the same as other clients. Everybody’s case is unique. I cannot promise you will have as good as a time as I did. Heck, I hope your experience is even better! However, in the interests of the Federal folks, I also should tell you what the average guy or gal has experienced with Lexington Law. Specifically, the average Concord Level clients saw an average of 8.6 removals by month 3 and 28.6 removals by month 12 from their combined credit reports. You MUST take a look at the www.lexingtonlaw.com website to get the full scoop. These were the results of the average person at the time I wrote this blog and since I am not actually providing the service, you’ll need to check with the Lexington folks to see if it’s changed at all.

Ok – that’s enough of the legal talk, let me write about the fun stuff!

Best of Luck,